ALEXANDRIA: Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth, and Culture

ALEXANDRIA 6, edited by David Fideler, will appear in 2014 . . .

In ancient Egypt, the city of Alexandria was a flourishing cultural center where philosophical, spiritual, and cosmological teachings flowed together to create vital new syntheses. Today, the ALEXANDRIA journal, published in book form, explores the intersections between cosmos, worldview, philosophy, myth, and culture, and what the humanties can contribute to contemporary life.

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Contributors to ALEXANDRIA have included Ralph Abraham • Christopher Bamford • Jay Bregman • John Carey • David Fideler • Suzi Gablik • Joscelyn Godwin • Lee Irwin • E. C. Krupp • F. David Peat • Kathleen Raine • Robert Romanyshyn • Theodore Roszak • David Ulansey • Arthur Versluis • Karen-Claire Voss • and many others

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